Table Games

At the Lucky Lady, you will enjoy popular Table Games such as EZ Baccarat, Blackjack and Pai Gow Poker with Joker's Wild. Alongside Table Games, we provide an array of Poker Games such as Limit and No-Limit Texas Hold'em for the competitive minded players.

For high limit players, EZ Baccarat and Blackjack private games are available upon request  

Please ask the Table Games Supervisor for more details.

Other Casino Baccarat play feels slow?


Our friendly dealers are trained to deal quickly and accurately. Furthermore, we specialize to the advance players who wants to play fast.


Enjoy Commission FREE Baccarat! Best action in San Diego.

We offer minimum $10 limit to $100 large buy-in pinch game.

Ask the Game Supervisor for more details.

If the fast pace of baccarat is overwhelming, hop on over to our Pai Gow Poker for an opposite experience. Each Pai Gow play is hand dealt and offers a slower tempo.


We teach new players how to play. Furthermore, our smoke free environment will surely accommodate everyone.



Want a challenge? Step up to our No-Limit Texas Hold'em tables for a battle of wits.

We offer $2-3 No-Limit.


If you are looking for a smaller buy-in game, look no further than our $3-$6 Limit Texas Hold'em or participate in our daily No-limit Poker tournament.

Daily Poker Tournament Starts @ 10am. 

Buy-in $20--$5 entry fee for $2,500 in chips.

Optional $5 Dealer Appreciation earns $1,500 extra in chips.

$20 Re-buys and add-on


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